Blog | August 15, 2022

Going Live on Amazon this September 2022!

After many years of preparation, and through the COVID hassles (read our announcement post here) – we are excited to say our first production run is going live on Amazon this September 2022!

What exactly are those products?

Glad you asked, here is the full lineup!

We believe customers will focus on these products from the batch.

Editor’s Choice Product: Bar Set + Glass Rimmer Combo!

We believe customers will focus on these products from the batch.

Bar Set with Glass Rimmer

Don’t need the full set? Then grab the 3 tier glass rimmer, an essential for any bar operation, home or commercial!

Esatto Glass Rimmer 3 Tier

And a third product to highlight is the wooden salt box, we like the 2 compartment option.

Esatto Round Acacia Wooden Salt Box (2 Compartment)

Check the full product lineup here!

If you can believe it – this is only the first batch of many more production runs to come. We are diving head first to bring you the best quality and selection of kitchen and bar products there is!

We are experienced product designers and online business marketers who have come together to create Esatto Products. This is just the tip of the iceberg and stay tuned for more amazing products and updates.

If you ever have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out.