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Delayed Launch Due to COVID

Dear friends, partners, and influencers,

Since Summer 2020, the team at Esatto Products have been tirelessly working away at developing a top line of bar products for the world.

There is no question that t he world is under extreme pressure - but we have pushed onwards. The production is complete, and all product photos and details are ready. The products are ready to start sale on Amazon - and we have been so excited to work with you on this launch.

But as of June 2021, shipping container prices are still out of control high. The cost to ship one of the many containers we have prepared to send will cost above $15,000 USD each ocean container. That is astronomically higher than the normal multiple thousand cost.

The investors and partners had to make a tough call and delay this shipment until rates can get back to a somewhat reasonable price. This high shipping fee would have had to be reflected in the retail price to consumers and caused a lot of negative effects on the end client.

We hope you can understand this tough call the partners had to make. We are very happy you want to work with us and join us in this special launch - and hope you can hold with us through these turbulent times.


Esatto Products Management Team