About Us

Esatto is about perfection, for bartenders by bartenders

The name Esatto in Italian has many meanings, all of them positive. Perfect and exact are meanings we want to impress upon you when receiving and using your Esatto products. We have designed them, from raw materials, to final assembly, to packaging and wrapping - with this in mind.

Our partner Michael Michelini is an Italian American entrepreneur. Like his grandfather, Gelindo, who left Italy to start a new life in America, Michael aims to continue the family tradition. Upon returning to his home country’s region of Trentino Alto Adige in the Italian Alps, he was inspired by the clean and unique design of the Northern Italian castle and mountain culture. He visited his grandfather’s home village Poia, Italy (population of 300 people), he saw the ice cream shop his grandfather sent money to from New York City to pay for ice cream of the children in the village. 

This trip in 2003 inspired Michael to build a business on quality and dependability upon returning to America.  

Starting in 2004, Michael has been working with bartenders and home bar enthusiasts to get quality bar products online. 

Over the decades, quality products has become the most important part of the business - and Esatto brand - even in the name itself - is about perfection, quality, and being EXACT. 

When you use an Esatto product, you will get perfection

How We Got Started

Mike enjoyed the excitement of the nightlife and bartending lifestyle. In 2003 on a visit to his family in Italy he was inspired by his ancestor roots: the quality of life and attention to details. He returned to America with a new appreciation for quality of life and products and in 2004 got started selling bar products online.


What Makes Our Products Unique

Esatto in Italian means exact perfection and precision. Esatto is about perfection, for bartenders by bartenders. Precision design, high attention to detail, and hand reviewed for each product we make. Esatto is making products to the Italian quality standard and putting the PRECISION in the products we produce.

Why We Love What We Do

Fusing together our love for bartending and celebrating with friends and family like the Italians do, we put our heart into the business. From new products to current best sellers, we are living the Esatto standard: quality (of life and product), perfection, and precision.

The Esatto Logo


Our logo is simple, clean, and stylish. This reflects the quality of the products the Esatto brand has to offer: made with perfection and precision, simple yet stylish. The logo is available in black or white, very versatile as it is available for use on any background. Overall style - modern and professional.

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