Esatto Bar Products Small Condiment Holder, With 4 – 1 Pint Inserts, 12 Pourers, and 12 Pourer Covers

Esatto Bar Products Small Condiment Holder, With 4 – 1 Pint Inserts, 12 Pourers, and 12 Pourer Covers
Color: Black
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This economical size condiment holder fits snugly in any work area. It is a great addition to any bartop, kitchen, and restaurant. Its small size helps keep work areas clean and organized.

Keep all ingredients, garnishes, straws, and napkins handy and orderly. An organized workspace makes for an efficient workspace. It also comes with an extra pint insert to hold other items.

Bartenders can quickly prepare drinks, as they have everything they need on hand and within reach in this small condiment holder.

Pour as precisely as possible with these added pourers. Ensure that no drop of liquor is wasted and that messy spills are avoided.

The additional pourer covers also help with healthy practices. Keep bottle pourers sealed up so that fruit flies do not hover over the bottle.


Big is not necessarily better. For smaller bars, restaurants, and establishments, the small condiment holder is an essential tool that conveys many benefits to bartenders.

For starters, the small size means that a bar or kitchen’s workspace need not be cluttered with so many different tools and items. The small condiment holder doesn’t take up too much space and can easily fit snugly in a variety of locations.

Use this condiment holder to have everything you need to prepare drinks on hand. Bartenders who work a full and busy bar will be thankful that they have everything they need at a glance. These include things like garnishes, ingredients, herbs, straws, stirrers, napkins, and many other items that may be needed.
When all the necessary components and items are readily available, this can boost the output of bartenders. The quick and easy access allows them to easily prepare drinks at a more efficient pace.

This small condiment holder comes with 4 – 1 extra pint holders to hold extra items or to switch out other pints when they are empty. It also comes with 12 pourers that bartenders can use to pour liquor precisely, making sure not to waste a drop.

If that weren’t enough, this set also comes with 12 pourer covers. These pourer covers can be used to improve health practices and hygiene at the bar. If a bottle of liquor is left open, it may attract fruit flies that can contaminate it.

At the same time, if service is done outside on a hot day, these pourer covers can help prevent the liquor you are serving from evaporating.

This small condiment holder set offers various benefits as well as additional value from all the add-ons. They are great bar tools that can be utilized for the successful operation of a bar.