Esatto Bar Products Premium Rectangular Bar Caddy (Chrome), Organize Bar Items, With 12 Black Plastic Pourers Included

Esatto Bar Products Premium Rectangular Bar Caddy (Chrome), Organize Bar Items, With 12 Black Plastic Pourers Included
Color: Chrome
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Use this rectangular bar caddy to organize items in your bar. Place items like straws, napkins, stirrers and cocktail picks all in one place for easy access and organization.

The underside of the bar caddy is created with rubber bumpers. These help keep the bar caddy stable, making sure it doesn’t skid and slip when place on any surface.

The organized items in the bar caddy can help improve drink preparation. With all these items easily accessed, drinks can be prepared quicker. More customers can be served and more profit can be made.

Pour as precisely as possible with these added pourers. Ensure that no drop of liquor is wasted and that messy spills are avoided.

The additional pourer covers also help with healthy practices. Keep bottle pourers sealed up so that fruit flies do not hover over the bottle.



The rectangular bar caddy has been a favorite for bars for decades. It is a fan favorite that offers benefits in preparing drinks and organizing workstations.

Our bar caddy comes in the standard rectangular shape. The rectangular shape means that more capacity to fit more useful items used to prepare drinks.

Bartenders use the rectangular bar caddy to organize their workstations and is preferred by many who work in bars. With generous space, bartenders can load this caddy with items such as straws, napkins, stirrers and cocktail picks. An organized workplace makes preparing drinks more convenient.

The underside of the caddy has rubber bumpers on them. These give good stability to the caddy. This means that the caddy will not be slipping or sliding around when placed on a surface. It will be kept in place.

With these items readily available to the bartender, drinks can be prepared faster and more efficiently. Efficient drink preparation means that more customers can be served with less hassle, thereby serving more and earning more money.

If that weren’t enough, this rectangular bar caddy also comes with 12 pourers and 12 pourer covers.

These pourers help bartenders serve from bottles without the worry of spilling precious drops. If any contents from a liquor bottle spill, this is a wasted sale. It also helps bartenders keep areas clean, as spills are avoided.

There are also 12 pourer covers included. Keeping bottles open can attract fruit flies. These fruit flies can contaminate and render any bottle of liquor unsuitable for service. The pourer covers can help prevent this. In addition, if bartenders are serving drinks outside on a hot day, the pourer covers can help stop evaporation of any liquor.

The rectangular bar caddy is a classic and effective tool that has been used for decades. After all these years, the usefulness is still valid, making it a must have for any bar.