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Esatto - Interlocking Shelf Mat 8 X 12 Inches, Pack Of 10 Pieces

Esatto Bar Products 10 Pieces Interlocking Shelf Mats 8 x 12 Inches, Clear - For Spills, Clean Bars, Stain Protection, and an Anti-slip Surface

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    Build safe areas with these interlocking shelf mats. These areas will be kept clean and dry while you prepare and serve drinks.


    Wet dishes and glasses can be placed on these interlocking shelf mats. The gaps in the mats ensure that air flows through and keeps moisture out. This is a great hygienic and safe practice.


    Place these mats around various areas of a bar’s countertops, creating a customized look with various shapes. This adds both aesthetic and functional values to any bar.


    Easy to put together, easy to take apart, and even easier to clean. Even if drinks or food spill onto the mats, you can rest easy knowing that they’re easy to clean.


    These interlocking shelf mats have a clear color that allow them to any bar, restaurant, kitchen, nightclub, and even your home.

Product Description

Mats are a must have for any bar. In an establishment that serves drinks, spills are inevitability. Keep your bar clean and dry by placing our interlocking shelf mats on any surface. These mats are interchangeable, customizable in many different shapes, and have various uses.

Wondering where you should place glasses and dishes that you’ve just washed? Leave them to dry on one of these interlocking shelf mats. The airflow that these mats allow for quick drying.

Keeping glasses and dishes clean is not just to dry them easier. Moisture is a have for germs and bacteria. As dishes and glasses are kept dry, it is stepped towards cleanliness and health. Furthermore, these interlocking shelf mats are safe areas for these items to be kept on without fear of damaging the items or the table tops.

When preparing drinks, the grip and anti-slip works well to protect glasses, silverware, and dishes from moving around, slipping, and then breaking.

Organize these interlocking shelf mats on countertops and tables in a variety of shapes and covering different areas. You may choose to put them altogether, and even separate them to different tables.

When these mats get dirty, you can keep your mind at ease in knowing that these are very easy to clean. Just rinse them in water, apply soap, and after drying they are good for use again.

These interlocking shelf mats are light, can easily be locked into one another, and easy to separate. It is a great multipurpose bar tool that is as useful as it is effective.