Esatto Glass Salt Rimmer 3 Tier for Margarita and Cocktail, Black with 2 Extra Sponge’s + 3 Pourers

Esatto Glass Salt Rimmer 3 Tier for Margarita and Cocktail, Black with 2 Extra Sponge’s + 3 Pourers
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Each rimmer in Essato’s salt rimmer for cocktails set comes in three tiers. This allows you to prepare three different glass rim ingredients for various drinks like salt, sugar, lime juice, and many others.

Preparing these glass rimmer for cocktails ahead of time and applying various ingredients allows bar salt rimmers professionals to prepare drinks at a much faster and relaxed pace. This is a welcome addition for bars that have those hectic nights.

Applying ingredients to the rim of a glass is a great aesthetic feature that makes the drinks you serve look pleasing to the eye. Certain ingredients can also enhance the flavors of your drinks.

Each tier of our glass rimmers easily shifts in and out. These allow for better storage as it becomes one compact unit when the tiers are folded in. This margarita salt rimmer set is durable, dishwasher safe, and made of high-quality food safe ABS plastic.

With each purchase of our 3-tier cocktail salt rimmer set, it comes with 2 spare sponges for when the lime compartment is worn out. It also comes with 3 pourers that are great for serving spirits and liquors. These pourers come with a built-in lid, so you can seal the bottles when you are done pouring.

This set of rimmers, sponges, and pourers comes in beautiful premium packaging. Esatto combines design with functionality, ensuring that every item is packed neat and well. The packaging also makes it an ideal gift.



One very useful professional bar tool is the glass rimmer. Decorating the rims of glasses with various ingredients is both an aesthetic endeavor, and one that can serve to enhance and elevate the taste of certain drinks.

Esatto offers a glass rimmer that has three different tiers. This means that you can prepare three different ingredients for each tier. You can choose to load each tier with salt, sugar, lime juice, and many other ingredients you may need.

These glass rimmers are usually prepared ahead of time. These allow for bar professionals to save more time as they prepare the drinks since the glass’ rim can easily be pushed into any tier to line it with an ingredient. You’ll be preparing more drinks at a faster rate.

Some drinks have ingredients on the glass’ rim that are ornamental at best. They look great and are pleasing to the eye. However, there are also other drinks that have ingredients that enhance the flavor of the drink.

One great example here is the margarita. The margarita is a drink that has both strong sweet and sour flavors. Adding salt to the glass rim can serve to cut through and offset those tastes.

When you are done using the glass rimmer, folding it up is easy as the components easily slide into its structure. Folding them all in allows for an easier and more compact storing as it transforms into a singular conveniently small tool.

A purchase of Esatto’s glass rimmers comes with extra sponges that you can use for various ingredients like syrup, lime juice, and even chocolate sauce. It also comes with 3 pourers that you can use to accurately pour other spirits and drinks for your customers.