Esatto – Gift Pack 1 (Caddy, Rimmer, Muddler, Pourer)

Esatto – Gift Pack 1 (Caddy, Rimmer, Muddler, Pourer)
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Four professional bartender tools in one gift set. Purchase this set and receive a Caddy, Rimmer, Muddler, and Pourer. All these tools can greatly help any bar for a variety of services.

A bar caddy is a great tool that helps out bartenders and bar owners to organize, keep things clean, and produce drinks at a faster pace. Prep your caddy with napkins, straws, stirrers, for an organized and quick service time.

These rimmers can also help you prepare drinks quickly. Add salt, sugar, lime juice, and many other ingredients for quick application to glass rims. Each tier in these rimmers can easily be folded into the unit, allowing for quick and compact storage.

A muddler is an ideal bartender tool that lets you add several drinks to your repertoire. Use the muddlers to mash ingredients like herbs, spices, sugar, salt, and berries. Add more drinks to your menu and serve a little something for everyone.

Pour with precision and never waste another drop from your bottles with our pourers. These pourers guarantee no leaks, no rust, and years of use as you can wash them in warm water to return them to their original shape.


Starting a newly opened bar or just need to restock on certain professional bar tools? Esatto’s professional bar tool gift pack is one that gives a lot of value as you receive four items. For one purchase, you get a caddy, a rimmer, a muddler, and a pourer.

A bar caddy is a great item that helps bartenders and bar owners organize their work areas, keep it clean, and increase efficiency and productivity. It is a tool that allows you to prepare napkins, straws, stirrers, and many other things for your service hours.

With all of these things prepared, you can utilize it to quickly prepare more drinks for your customers.

The rimmer is another tool that not only helps you with your preparation, but also adds to your repertoire of drinks. The rimmer has multiple tiers where you can put certain ingredients like salt, sugar, lime juice, and more.

Once set, you can just dip the glass to put these ingredients on the glass’ rim. They can be for aesthetic purposes, but for most cases, they serve to enhance the flavor of certain drinks.

A muddler is a professional bar tool that allows you to mash certain ingredients that need to be placed within the glass. In doing so, you can round out and add even more drinks to your menu and repertoire.

Without the muddler, you wouldn’t be able to prepare drinks like mojitos, mint juleps, and even an old-fashioned. At least not easily.

The muddler has a ribbed head for mashing ingredients like fruits and berries, and a smooth head ideal for mashing sugar, salt, and spices.

Finally, we have the pourer. Esatto’s pourers can easily be attached to any bottles. Once attached, you can let go of any worries about spilling the contents of the bottle when you pour it. It is a precision instrument that allows you to keep your area clean and maximize the contents of your bottle, ultimately netting you more money.

These pourers were created with memory plastic. They will never leak and rust as well. If ever they deform, the memory plastic can be run through warm water and it will go back to its original form.

All of these tools are great additions to any bar. And with all four in one deal, it is a great purchase for bartenders and bar owners.