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Esatto - Condiment Holder 6 - 1 Pint Inserts, 12 Pourers & 12 Pourer Covers, 1 Muddler

Esatto Bar Products Condiment Holder with 6 - 1 Pint Inserts Black, Keeps Fruit and Berries Fresher Longer, Additional 12 Pourers, 12 Pourer Covers, 1 Muddler


Color: Black

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    Condiment holders are standard and essential tools for every bar. Keep fresh fruits and berries across 6 – 1 pint inserts.


    Design improvement for our condiment holders comes in an addition of 1 inch to put ice below the fruits and berries.


    The ice placed under the condiment holder will help keep fruits and berries fresh for longer periods of time. When a drink using these needs to be prepared, they will be fresh and ready for you.


    12 pourers and pourer covers are added. These help with precision pouring as well as covering bottles after use to keep fruit flies away.


    A muddler is also added and can be used to mash a variety of ingredients for your drinks with ease.

Product Description

Condiment holders have been used in bars for many years now. This is a testament to how useful and essential they are to any and all bars. With this condiment holder, it comes with 6 – 1 pint inserts, giving you a choice of 6 assorted fruits and berries to be prepared for your drinks.

We have improved upon the general design of our condiment holder. This improvement comes in the form of an added inch at the bottom of the condiment holder. The added extra space can be used for ice that will help keep the fruits and berries fresher for a longer period of time.

Prepare your fruits and berries before bar service and have them ready and waiting for when drinks call for them. When a drink needs these fruits and berries, bartenders can be at ease knowing that they are already organized, on hand, and fresh.

This condiment holder comes with 12 pourers and 12 pourer covers. The pourers can be used for precisely pouring liquor from bottles. It helps ensure that no drop is wasted and that it is all used for the customers. In addition, it helps keep the workstation clean by avoiding unnecessary spills.

Once the liquor has been served from the bottle, the pourer cover comes into play. The covers help protect the bottle from attracting any fruit flies that could contaminate the liquor.

Finally, there is also an added muddler. This muddler complements the condiment holder as it can be used to mash the fruits and berries in drinks with ease. This makes for more efficient drink preparation.ba