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Esatto - Condiment Holder 4 - 1.5 Pint Inserts, 12 Pourers & 12 Pourer Covers, 1 Muddler

Esatto Bar Products Condiment Holder with 4 - 1.5 Pint Inserts Black, Keeps Fresh Fruit and Berries for Drink Preparation, Additional 12 Pourers, 12 Pourer Covers, 1 Muddler


Color: Black

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    Condiment holders are standard and essential tools for every bar. Keep fresh fruits and berries across 4 – 1.5 pint inserts. These inserts are medium sized, allowing for both increased choices of fruits and berries, as well as more space for each ingredient.


    We’ve taken the liberty of improving upon the design of our condiment holders. 1 inch of space was added below the holder, allowing for ice to be placed under the fruits and berries.


    Placing ice under the condiment holder will help keep fruits and berries fresher for extended durations. Bartenders can rest easy knowing that when a drink requiring fruits or berries is ordered, that they will remain fresh until that time comes.


    12 pourers and pourer covers are added. These help with precision pouring as well as covering bottles after use to keep fruit flies away.


    A muddler is also added and can be used to mash a variety of ingredients for your drinks with ease.

Product Description

Condiment holders are a standard bar tool that have been used by the whole industry for many years. The fact that it is still being used today shows how useful and important it is to all bars.

This condiment holder comes with 4 – 1.5 pint inserts. This combination of number of inserts and pint size is a good choice for bars that want to have increased fruit and berry selection, and space to have more ready in the condiment holder.

The general design of this condiment holder has also been improved upon. Instead of the natural condiment holder, 1 inch was added to the bottom of the condiment holder. The added extra space can be used for ice that will help keep the fruits and berries fresher for a longer period of time.

Bartenders can use the condiment holder to prepare fruits and berries before a bar’s service hours. Having the condiment holder is a big convenience as it keeps the ingredients organized, nearby for easy access, and with extended freshness of the fruits and berries.

This condiment holder comes with 12 pourers and 12 pourer covers. The pourers can be used for precisely pouring liquor from bottles. This is a good thing as it helps to make sure that no drop is spilled and wasted. It also helps keep workstations clean by avoiding unnecessary spills.

The pourer covers help to protect the bottles and the liquor once it is done being used. Placing them on the bottles will help keep fruit flies away and keeping the liquor viable for service.

The final added value from this product comes in the form of the muddler. This is a natural and complementary tool to the condiment holder. The muddler can be used to mash fruits and berries easily, making drink preparation more efficient.