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Esatto - Condiment Holder 3 - 1 Quart Inserts, 12 Pourers & 12 Pourer Covers

Esatto Bar Products Condiment Holder with 3 - 1 Quart Inserts Black, Keeps Fruit and Berries Fresher Longer, Additional 12 Pourers, 12 Pourer Covers, 1 Muddler


Color: Black

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    Condiment holders have been used in the bar industry for years. Fresh fruits and berries can be prepared and placed across 3 – 1 quart inserts. This generous space allows for the preparation of a large quantity of these ingredients.


    Design improvements come in the form of 1 inch of space under the condiment holder. This 1 inch is used to keep ice under the fresh fruits and berries.


    The ice placed under the condiment holder will keep fruits and berries fresher for extended durations. Whenever a drink is ordered requiring these ingredients, bartenders can feel at ease knowing that they stay fresh and ready for serving.


    12 pourers and pourer covers are added. These help with precision pouring as well as covering bottles after use to keep fruit flies away.


    A muddler is also added and can be used to mash a variety of ingredients for your drinks with ease.

Product Description

One bar tool that is absolutely essential is the condiment holder. It has been used in the industry for years to prepare certain ingredients for when they are needed in preparing drinks.

This condiment holder comes with 3 – 1 quart inserts. While bartenders only have a selection of 3 fruits or berries to place in the condiment holder and prepare, the generous 1 quart space means that more of the ingredient can be stocked and kept at the ready.

A 1 inch space was also added under the condiment holder. The new space below can be utilized by adding ice. This ice can help keep fruits and berries fresher for a longer time. There is no need to worry that the fruits or berries have waned in quality.

The condiment holder is versatile in its uses as it keeps the ingredients organized, easily locatable, onhand, and fresh.

Added value comes with the condiment holder as it comes with 12 pourers and 12 pourer covers. The pourers can be used to pour liquor from bottles with precision. This helps prevent unnecessary drops of liquor or spirits being wasted. It also helps with keeping workstations clean as spills are also avoided with the pourer.

Once the bottles are done being used, the pourer covers can come on and help prevent fruit flies from compromising the liquor, avoiding the waste of these liquors.

One more item comes with the condiment holder. It is the muddler which works well with the condiment holder. If a drink is being prepared with fruits and berries, the muddler can be used to mash these ingredients with ease and efficiency.