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Esatto Wooden Coaster Holder On Pedestal With 8 Rubber Coasters And 4 Pourers – Mahagony

Esatto Bar Products Smooth Wooden Coaster Holder on Pedestal, Holds Any Coasters of 4.25 Inches, 8 Rubber Coasters Included


Color: Mahogany

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    This round wooden coaster holder is stylishly crafted from quality wood. The pedestal adds a cool aesthetic and eases the placement and retrieval of coasters. It is also scratch resistant and light weight.


    The coaster holder is spacious enough to fit any coasters that measure 4.25 inches in diameter.


    Apart from the sleek and stylish wooden coaster holder on a pedestal, it also comes in a set that includes 4 pourers and 8 rubber coasters.


    Use these pourers to pour drinks with precision. Make sure each drop of spirit or liquor is utilized, while also keeping areas clean by avoiding messy spills.


    The 8 coasters are durable, heat resistant, easy to clean, and heat resistant. Their surface also sports round top nipples that prevent glasses from sticking to coasters and making any unnecessary messes.


    The round wooden coaster holder and rubber coaster set is an ideal gift for many occasions. These include birthdays, Christmas, and even housewarming gifts.

Product Description

Ever needed a coaster to set your drinks on and not have them on hand? This wooden coaster holder on a pedestal may be just the thing you need.

This is a great and necessary item for bar owners and bartenders. It is round, smooth, and made from quality wood. It is scratch resistant and lightweight, making it easy to move around if the need arises.

On its own, the coaster holder is a great area to place and organize coasters. This way, you always know where they are.

The built-in pedestal adds a very cool aesthetic that makes this wooden coaster holder very unique. Apart from that though, the way the coaster holder was made with the pedestal facilitates easier placing and retrieval of coasters.

Any and all coasters can fit inside this holder, provided they remain within the threshold of 4.25 diameters.

This set has great added value that comes in the form of 4 plastic pourers and 8 rubber coasters.

The pourers can be used when serving drinks. Each drop in a bottle is money waiting to be made. With the pourer, people behind the bar can pour more precisely and not waste any precious drops. At the same time, it also protects areas by avoiding messy spills.

The coasters are black and made of rubber. Their versatility includes durability, heat resistance, and a breeze to clean. Their surfaces have round top nipples that prevent glasses from sticking to the coaster.