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Esatto Round Wooden Coaster Holder With 8 Rubber Coasters – Blond

Essato Bar Products Smooth Wooden Coaster Holder, Holds Any Coasters of 4.25 Inches, 8 Rubber Coaster Included


Color: Blond

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    This round wooden coaster holder is sleek and made from quality wood. Use it as a great place to keep your coasters neat and organized.


    The coaster holder is also spacious enough to fit any coasters measuring 4.25 inches in diameter. Also included in this package are 8 rubber coasters.


    These coasters are versatile and designed to be stylish and minimalist. They are durable, easy to clean, and BPA Free. The round top nipples on the surface offer smart protection for your tables.


    Place any glasses on these coasters without a worry of slipping and having the drinks spill on the table. They can be used for any type of drink.


    The round wooden coaster holder and rubber coaster set is an ideal gift for many occasions. These include birthdays, Christmas, and even housewarming gifts.

Product Description

Operating or running a bar is an investment. As such, you’d want to protect your investment so that it keeps operating towards success for years to come. One thing that needs to be protected is the furniture like the bar countertop and the tables.

Spills and precipitation may eventually wear down the tables, no matter what material they are made of. For any bar that offers a multitude of drinks, make sure that each of these drinks have a fine coaster under them.

With the round wooden coaster holder, you get a place to organize and collect your coasters, plus a set of 8 rubber coasters.

The round wooden coaster holder is made of quality wood. The design is simple, yet sleek. Most importantly, it works. It can hold any and all coasters that are 4.25 inches in diameter.

The 8 rubber coasters add great value to the wooden coaster holder. These black coasters are made of rubber. They are 4.25 inches in diameter and have a depth of 0.25 inches. The rubber coasters are durable, BPA free, and very easy to clean.

The surface of these coasters have rounded top nipples on them. These help to collect any liquids from drinks. With the coaster collecting spills, the furniture can be free of any spills and stains.

Both bartenders and customers will feel secure with these coasters. The non-slip feature means that the coasters will be where you want them and will stay there. There is no danger of having any glasses or bottles dance over the coasters.

This round wooden coaster holder and 8 rubber coaster set is a great gift that can be given for any occasion. These are ideal for Christmas, birthdays, housewarming presents, and even weddings.